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Mafia: Hetalia Edition

Chapter 1: Day 1

Master Hand was standing infront of Holsigien Base, which was near Armz Gate.

"Welcome to Nekki Moon, home of the Hige Hige Bandits' space base, Holsigen Base," he welcomed. "This is where 18 characters from Hetalia and 2 characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force will play the game of mafia. 13 of them are the townies, who are considered to be the good guys. The townies don't know who the mafia or the neutral are. The townies win the game when all of the mafia and the neutral are "killed off"." He looked at the cue card.

"6 of the 7 players who are not townies are the Mafia," he continued. "They are the bad guys. Unlike the townies, the Mafia knows who everyone is and will "lynch" someone at night. To prevent suspicion, the Mafia has to pretend that they're townies and they win when they outnumber the townies and "lynch" the neutral." He looked at the cue card one last time.

"Finally, the last player is the neutral," he spoke. "Like the Mafia, the neutral knows who everyone is and also has to pretend that he or she is a townie. The neutral has the hardest win out of all of them. The neutral must make it to the final two and needs to play under the radar or else he or she will get "lynched"."




















Master Shake


Majority is 11 votes:

The 20 players all arrived at the town square to start the first accusation.

"It has got to be Germany! I vote him!" Romano accused.

"How do we know if you are not the Mafia?" Carl asked. "I vote you Romano."

"Yeah Romano seems to be the most suspicious one out of everyone here, so I vote Romano," Canada said.

"Yes, Romano is definitely one of the Mafia, da," said Russia. "I vote Romano."

"I vote Romano," decided Shake.

"Shake, you didn't put any input before you voted," criticized England. "You are probably a bloody Mafia and you are just voting with the majority so you won't get lynched!"

"Normally, I would disagree with England, but I do think Shake is one of the Mafia," said Germany. "A townie wouldn't vote without having some input. Plus, Shake is definitely one of the more suspicious looking ones; even more so than Romano."

"I have to disagree with you two on that," France said. "Romano is obviously trying to set up Germany as a scapegoat, so I vote Romano."

"Yeah, Romano is like, so Mafia," replied Poland. "So I like, totally vote Romano."

"It is quite obvious that Romano is trying to hide something," said Japan. "There is no evidence that Shake is Mafia at all so I will vote Romano."

"Dammit, why does everyone think that I'm Mafia?" asked a frustrated Romano. "You guys are gonna have a mis-lynch today. Germany and Shake are way better targets than me idiots!"

"Sorry Romano, you have a lot of evidence that is making us believe that you are most likely to be Mafia," replied Lithuania. "I have no choice but to vote for you Romano."

Romano (8): Carl, Canada, Russia, Shake, France, Poland, Japan, and Lithuania

Shake (2): England, Germany

Germany (1): Romano

No Lynch (0):

Yet To Vote (9): Italy, America, China, Prussia, Sealand, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, and Liechtenstein

"If Romano gets three more votes, then he gets lynched," Master Hand said.

"To be honest, I do think that Romano is probably a Mafia and that Shake and Germany don't have enough evidence to be Mafia," said Switzerland. "I'll have to vote for you Romano."

"I doubt that any of them are Mafia material at all," said Italy. "I vote no lynch."

"Italy that is a TERRIBLE idea!" Austria said. "Shake is the only one with ANY decent evidence at all. You have to give a reason as to why you are voting someone. I vote Shake."

"I agree with brother that Shake has not enough evidence at all to be even considered a neutral, let alone a Mafia," Liechtenstein said. "I vote Romano."

"If Romano gets 1 more vote, he will be lynched," Master Hand said.

"I just want this lynch over with," complained Prussia. "The awesome me votes Romano."

"Sorry Romano, you've been lynched," said Master Hand. Romano left the game, feeling rather upset that no one listened to his plea.

"I will now show you Romano's profile," he continued. "This will tell you if you made the right move or not." He revealed Romano's profile.


This profile will be given to you ONCE.



Master Hand

"Told you guys to vote Shake," England mumbled.

"We should've listened to Romano," replied Germany. "Despite the fact that he hates my guts, I tried to save a townie."

"Yeah, next time we'll lynch a Mafia for sure," assured Carl. With that, everyone went to their bedrooms.

Meanwhile, someone decided to use his ability.

"Master Hand, I will copy America's ability," he said. Master Hand gave him America's ability.

Night 1:

"Who do we lynch?" asked one of the Mafia.

"This person won't even expect this tonight," the Godfather replied. They lynched their target.

Everyone woke up the following morning and noticed that two people weren't around. Master Hand showed everyone the two profiles.


This profile will be given to you ONCE.

You are a TOWNIE who can't be lynched during the day hour.


Master Hand


This profile will be given to you ONCE.



Master Hand

"Wow, in the first day we already lost three fellow townies," sighed Master Shake.

"Yeah, I know. This sucks for us townies, da. We might actually lose to the mafia," Russia replied.

"To make sure the Mafia doesn't gain an advantage, we need to lynch a Mafia today, aru," said China.

AN: Read and Review please. Tell me who you think the mafia, the townies, and the neutral are? You will have to find out who is who by reading the story. You can vote on who you think is Mafia on my poll.

Mafia: Hetalia Edition Chapter One by ThePrincessOfChaos

/ / / / ©2011-2015 ThePrincessOfChaos
This fic can also be read on 18 characters from Hetalia plus 2 characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force play a game of Mafia. With Master Hand from Super Smash Bros. as your fellow host, there will definitely be tons of accusations taking place and many mislynches. Will the townies figure out who the Mafia are? Will the Mafia take over the town? And what about the mysterious Neutral? You have to read to find out. Comments are encouraged.
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