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My Little Doctor Pony by koodorshnik

You are a really good artist. Even though I don't know what Dr. Who is, this was an outstanding job. I don't think I would be able to d...


ThePrincessOfChaos has started a donation pool!
63 / 300
I am willing to do commissions to get a premium and give points to friends for commissions~


10 Points for Stamps
15 Points for single art in my style
25 Points for pairing art in my style
30 Points for crossover art in my style
40 Points for single art in other styles
50 Points for pairing art in other styles
60 Points for crossover art in other styles

I will NOT do the following~
I only want to do pairings I actually support because it will give me more motivation to do the commission
If the character is one I can't stand (ex: Lord English, Doc Scratch, Courtney, etc.) I will decline it
I don't want to do character bashing
I REFUSE to draw offensive things
I REFUSE to draw incest
I won't do your fetish art

Fandoms I will do~
Total Drama
(Note me for other fandoms because I prefer drawing for some fandoms over others~)

Internet Billboard by Arkham-Insanity

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ThePrincessOfChaos's Profile Picture
Suzy Ampora-Pheles
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My art will vary. So will my interests. However, if I favorite it, it will always be on my favorites even if I lose interest in the fandom so I will remeber liking a certain fandom.
~I have no idea as to who the fuckin' shit who my real friends are. As soon as I said I was against the hypocritical SJW movement and said I was an Egalitarian, pretty much almost everyone in the Total Drama fandom, including people I used to be friends with, ostracized me, defended some really awful people who have clearly shown no remorse for their actions, or even harassed me myself. It's really fucking depressing knowing that people are willing to backstab you and just leave you like shit if you just happen to disagree with them on ANY one single opinion. It really fucking hurts okay. Even people I wish I could reconcile with have all ignored me and ostracized me, favoring people who have done horrible things and shown no remorse. They also seem to ignore the fact that I have been receiving anon hate, rape threats, threats to doxx me, and even messages telling me to kill myself, yet they all defend the person who is perpetuating these messages (especially the rape threats that I have been receiving lately) and probably the same exact person who made that hate blog about me, all with NO FUCKING REMORSE WHATSOEVER. It fucking hurts that people are willing to defend such heinous shit when it is to their convience even though they openly preach out against this kind of bullshit. Even though I'll admit I have been a bit aggressive and even a little bit of a douchebag at times, at least I know that sending rape threats, anon hate, doxx threats, and especially telling others to kill themselves is downright fucked up and wrong and I would never stoop to those levels of douchebaggery ever. Receiving all of this shit myself and literally almost everyone in the Total Drama fandom siding with my abuser is making me feel really unsafe, almost to the point that I actually wanna leave the Total Drama fandom for a while. Why the fuck do people think this kind of shit is even remotely acceptable in the first place?~

And if you guys wanna see the anon hate I received in just the past two days, here is some of it~

MAJOR TW FOR RAPE THREATS AND ANON HATE AND SUICIDE WISHES~Some anon made a hate blog about me and now they are threatening to doxx me because I don’t want to leave the Total Drama fandom… I now feel REALLY unsafe and I don’t want to have to change tumblrs (because I am running multiple side blogs on here) and I ESPECIALLY don’t want to have to delete my tumblr here… 
Why do people think it is acceptable to unleash other people’s personal information if said person did not do anything wrong? People have gotten KILLED/RAPED/ABUSED because of doxxing and knowing that there are people with intentions of malice that have your personal information like this makes me feel incredibly unsafe in this fandom. 
Why should I have to leave the Total Drama fandom at all in all honesty? What the shit happened to freedom of speech in this fandom? Why should people with different opinions from the majority have to feel unsafe and scared to speak their minds out? Why do people in this fandom feel like that they can justify bullying and abusing others in this fandom simply because they have a different opinion? Why do people think unleashing other people’s information is even REMOTELY acceptable AT ALL?

Total Drama Fandom, I am INCREDIBLY disgusted with the way SOME of you guys are acting and they way that you guys make other people who just happen to have different opinions and don’t seem to conform to the majority feel like they are not safe at all. Why are you guys all acting like fucking savages like in Lord of the Flies right now? EVEN the SuperWhoLock and Hannibal fandoms are not as scary, cruel, and vicious as the Total Drama fandom is right now! Anon, why don’t you show yourself please?

This gif shows exactly how I am feeling right now because of it~

I have no fucking idea as to who my real friends are now... it is really fucking depressing and I feel so fucking lonely right now because of all of the drama and being ostracized and scapegoated like this...

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Hand Drawn Line Art~
For 10 points, I will be willing to draw characters from the following series: Homestuck, Bomberman, Blue Exorcist, Total Drama, Hetalia, Steven Universe, SEGA-All Stars, Adventure Time, and Vocaloid~

I can also do OC's if you are interested for 15 points, but please no Canon/OC ships~

15 points for Crossovers~

20 points for ships (However, no incest, pedophilia, or abusive ships PLEASE)~AND THEY HAD SLOPPY AND SEXY MAKEOUTS AND SHIT~ by ThePrincessOfChaos Two Adorable Green Douchebags~^-^ by ThePrincessOfChaos LOOK AT THESE ADORABLE FUCKING CUTIES~^///^ by ThePrincessOfChaos That's One Sassy Lil' Kamiki~ by ThePrincessOfChaos CRONKRI DOODLE~^7^ by ThePrincessOfChaos DON'T FUCK DUALSCAR M'KAY!~ by ThePrincessOfChaos 
I will do the following fandoms: Homestuck, Hetalia, ROTBTD(AKA The Big Four), Bomberman, Total Drama, SEGA ALL-STARS, and Kuroshitsuji. However, I will only draw canon characters and I will only draw SFW(Safe for Work) things~

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Thank you very much for faving my Mephisto x Reader series! Glad you like the story. :)

In case you didn't get to read the description of the last chapter (or the bottom comments), but the story is in the process of being rewritten due to so many time mismatches with the AnE plotline. If school allows, the new version should come out sometime in summer. Hopefully. ;>w> I hope that you'll read it when it comes out!
Thanks for the fave c:
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Hi, Suzy. =)
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Hi Mari~
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